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Making a Difference

At your service.

Giving is a part of living. Our residents and team members give of their time, their talents, and their money. Part of what gives meaning to our community is our commitment to social responsibility.

You’ll find that the people of The Forest are eager to reach beyond these walls and beyond themselves. Making a difference is an important part of the way we live, work, and serve.

You’ll also discover that there are many, many great organizations doing good works in Durham. We are proud to be part of that positive impact.

This is why Forest residents volunteer 64,000+ hours a year at schools, churches, charities, and hospitals — more than 50 local service organizations in all.

We encourage our team members to join in special projects, too. Community responsibility is incredibly important to The Forest — so important, in fact, that we made it part of The Forest Way. Team members make a difference by volunteering as part of the Service Day program and by donating resources to local service organizations.

Making a difference in our community is a cornerstone of who we are.