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Off Campus Residency

Put down roots.

Our Early Acceptance program offers a unique, flexible option for residency with The Forest at Duke.


What is Early Acceptance?

Instead of moving directly to The Forest at Duke campus, Early Acceptance members live off campus in their own homes with the security of knowing that they are already accepted into the community. Early Acceptance is a flexible residency program that is available for qualified Future Residency Program (waitlist) members who are 65 – 80 years old, with residences within 20 miles of The Forest at Duke’s main campus.

This program also allows flexibility for its members to delay a move to independent living or more directly into a higher level of support.

Should you choose to move to on-site residency in independent living, the entire Early Acceptance Entry Fee will be credited to the Entry Fee for the desired residence.

However, if your care needs change, as a resident of The Forest at Duke, you have equal access to the continuum of care.

Our Resident Navigator provides an additional layer of support and will guide you through short- or long-term placements.

Plan for the future. Receive confidence and security in knowing that a change in health status won’t preclude you from moving onto campus.

Benefits of Early Acceptance:

  • Full access to The Forest at Duke Health Center for respite, rehabilitation, or permanent long-term care needs
  • Confidence in knowing that a change in health status will not preclude you from moving onto campus
  • Case management services for coordinating physical therapy and home care
  • An annual wellness visit with a team member from The Forest at Duke
  • Full access to community spaces, including four (4) dining venues, pool and fitness center, library, and more
  • Opportunities to participate in a variety of monthly programs, activities, and classes within our community
  • Equal membership in The Forest at Duke’s Resident Association
  • Health Care Advantage: The Forest at Duke’s health care plan offers significant value and financial protection. Residents receive a set number of prepaid days for overnight care in the Health Center at no additional cost.

Learn more about this exciting program—speak with a sales counselor today.