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Our Campus

Welcome to The Forest at Duke.

Over 800 residents from 38 different states have chosen to call this community home since its opening in 1992.

Today, 400 people live life to the fullest at The Forest, with the helpful care of 275 staff members. Residents are professors, gardeners, authors, CEOs, community volunteers, opera buffs, engineers, librarians, homemakers, and artists—people from all walks of life who continue to learn, grow, mingle, and care. Along with growth and rejuvenation, they find security and peace of mind here as well. We think you will, too!

Before The Forest at Duke opened at 2701 Pickett Road, Jim and Lizzie Pickett's tobacco farm thrived on the very same land. Two tobacco curing barns from the Pickett farm, preserved by the developers when The Forest was built, serve as a reminder of the property’s past.