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Minimizing Risks for Dementia

two residents pose with Dr. Sullivan at her Brain Health class

Dr. Karen Sullivan is a person on a mission. Through her award-winning program, I Care for Your Brain, she teaches attendees science-based information about brain health that they can implement in their own lives.

“I am determined to provide older adults with the information they need to become more informed consumers of brain science and empowered participants in this important aspect of their health,” Dr. Sullivan explains. “I began my career in residential communities and am proud to provide a bridge from the academic back to the ‘real’ world.”

I Care for Your Brain‘s mission

More than 100 scientific journals have written articles about brain health; Dr. Sullivan’s program seeks to break down all of this information in a way that makes sense to attendees. Her nine-part lecture series, which intends to “flip the switch” and “turn learning into action,” includes the following discussions:

  • “Understanding the Aging Brain: What is Normal and When to Worry”
  • “Dementia Risk Factors Throughout the Lifespan: How to Minimize Your Risks”
  • “Heart Health = Brain Health: How to Take Control of Your Blood Flow”
  • “How Do Substances Affect the Aging Brain?: What to Do About Diet, Medications, Alcohol and Supplements”
  • “The Psychology of Aging: Strategies for Better Coping”
  • “The Importance of Social Connection in Older Adulthood: How to Find Your Village”
  • “Normal Memory Changes with Age: Evidence-Based Methods to Improve Memory”
  • “How Sleep Changes with Age: Effects on Memory and Mood”
  • “A Review: Brain Health as We Age”

Coming up at The Forest

The Forest at Duke is proud to host Dr. Sullivan and provide the I Care for Your Brain program for free to our residents. The course is one of the more than 400 monthly activities currently offered on campus. This week’s lecture topic, “Dementia Risk Factors Throughout the Lifespan: How to Minimize Your Risks,” is the second discussion in the series.

More information about the program and Dr. Sullivan can be found on the program’s website. To learn more about the depth and variety of activities offered at The Forest, be sure to visit our Programs and Activities page.

Header image: Two Forest residents smile with Dr. Sullivan at one of her brain health
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