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An Exciting Year Ahead for Durham

The Forest at Duke is proud to be a member of and key investor in the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce. As a community, we believe in being an integral part of the city where we reside. Recently listed as one of the Top 10 Places to Live by U.S. World News, Durham continues to grow by leaps and bounds. At The Forest, we appreciate every opportunity to meet with our community.

This past week was no exception, as Forest team members sat in on the Durham Chamber’s 2018 Annual Meeting. Notably, the gathering, called “The Future of Now,” focused on the collision of creative and commerce. Together with our partners, we enjoyed moving speeches and interactive AR exhibits.

Cora Cole-McFadden receives the 2018 Civic Honor Award

Recognition of the 2018 Civic Honor Award recipient, Cora Cole-McFadden, was a highlight of the evening. Cora has been a great advocate for Durham. She lovingly refers to the city as her “hometown” and has represented the city as a Councilwoman. Additionally, she previously served as Mayor Pro Tempore. She also championed the City of Durham Youth Commission and was key in the creation of a teen center. We very much value Cora Cole-McFadden’s service, and it was our pleasure to honor her at the Durham Chamber’s annual meeting.

Cora Cole-McFadden, center, smiles with Forest team members, residents, and Board members at the community’s 2017 25th anniversary event.

Interestingly, the Chamber has presented the Annual Civic Honor Award every year since 1933. It celebrates those who have made important contributions to strengthening Durham.

Looking ahead

The networking event also celebrated Durham’s successes. Team members from The Forest’s administration learned about big shifts moving our city into the future. These include big real estate projects and developments across Durham County.

Futurist and economist Rebecca Ryan gave the keynote address. Ms. Ryan has an impressive résumé and has written a number of books. She also has experience in delivering TEDx talks.

“The Future of Now” was a wonderful experience for our team members and encouraged us about the future of our beautiful city. We are excited to see Durham continue to blossom and grow!

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