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Supporting Neighbors

Older man and woman seated in high back chairs with their daughter, the Executive Director of Caring House

Caring House and The Forest at Duke have a history of being good friends and neighbors. In fact, they were both founded in 1992. Many residents of The Forest were involved in Caring House’s beginnings and spearheaded its mission to help those battling cancer.

Caring House’s vision is truly an inspiration. The cozy retreat provides patients at the Duke Cancer Institute with affordable housing while they receive treatment. It also furnishes them with a healing environment and a supportive community. Caring House offers numerous services, including massage, art and pet therapies, and more. These programs aim to make each stay that much more meaningful for the over 15,000 total guests served.

In addition to financial support from The Forest, many of our community residents volunteer their time at Caring House, greeting guests and covering administrative duties. Executive Director Sheridan Van Wagenberg notes that volunteer hours have been “instrumental in furthering the development of our neighborly relationship.”

Two of those volunteers have a very special bond with Sheridan, as they happen to be her own parents, Mr. and Mrs. Townsend. Residents of The Forest since 2012, Mr. and Mrs. Townsend are extremely proud of what their daughter has accomplished and the critical services Caring House has been able to provide to the people who need them the most.

Header image: Sheridan Van Wagenberg, Executive Director of Caring House, with her parents,
Forest residents and Caring House volunteers Mr. and Mrs. Townsend.
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