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Keep growing, always.

At The Forest at Duke, one never stops growing, doing, thinking, and imagining in pursuit of wellness.

Life here is interesting and enlivening, challenging, and enriching.

We embrace the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, knowing that attending to all of them is crucial to a life well-lived. This is the very core of who we are.

Keep Being

The Forest at Duke is home to people who haven’t stopped being, developing, pursuing, laughing — people who know who they are and are still becoming exactly who they’re going to be.

Keep Learning

Our community is full of seekers of knowledge, embracers of lifelong learning, education and exploration, flocking to classes and discussion groups, roundtables and lectures — any chance to exercise the mind and invigorate The Forest.

Keep Doing

Whatever your past or present occupation, you’ll be surrounded by ways to stay occupied and opportunities to keep doing, contributing, achieving — playing a meaningful role in your community and your world.

Keep Moving

Activate all of your options — from yoga to cardio, barbells to backstroke, power walking to personal training — and never stop moving, playing, stretching, strengthening your body, and keeping your brain in tip-top shape.

Keep Mixing

The people who live here come here to live, and take a great interest in interesting people — mixing, mingling, interacting, purposefully making every event and encounter an occasion for spontaneity and delight.

Keep Searching

The big questions can be the best questions, the kind Forest people happily wrestle with when we’re searching, thinking, conversing, inquiring, feeding the body, nurturing the mind, nourishing the soul.

Keep Sharing

We relish our surroundings, and the people we choose to surround ourselves with, sharing, celebrating, discovering wonders, bridging cultures, making the most of the things that lift us up and the things that keep us grounded.

Keep Going

At The Forest, the future is this way: energized, engaged, adventurous, always ready for anything, always up to something, always going, encouraging, supporting, bringing good people together, and bringing out our best.

Wellness is an integral facet of life at The Forest.