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Minimizing Risks for Dementia

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Dr. Karen Sullivan is a person on a mission. Through her Award- Winning program, I Care for Your Brain, she is teaching attendees science-based information on brain health that they can implement in their own lives. “I am determined to provide older adults with the information they need to become more informed consumers of brain science and empowered participants in this important aspect of their health,” Sullivan adds. “I began my career in residential communities and am proud to provide a bridge from the academic back to the ‘real’ world.”

The Forest at Duke is proud to be hosting Dr. Sullivan and providing the I Care for Your Brain program for free to our residents, as a part of the over 400+ monthly activities offered currently. This week’s lecture topic: How to Minimize Your Risks for Dementia Throughout the Lifespan, is part two of the nine-part series.

More information about the program and Dr. Sullivan can be found HERE on the program’s website. To learn more about the depth and variety of activities offered at The Forest, visit our Programs and Activities page HERE.

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