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Portrait Project: Lee Ann Bailey-Clayton

Lee Ann Bailey-Clayton

“Everyone here operates with kindness and the best of intentions, and this creates a caring commitment to each other every day.”

Lee Ann Bailey-Clayton is grateful for the unconditional support she has received in her nineteen years at The Forest at Duke. In her current role as Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and Director of Health Services, she is most passionate about The Forest’s total commitment to quality care. She deeply values the relationships she’s made with residents and other team members, a community she thinks of as a family seeing one another through the cycle of life.

Through her work with this family, Lee Ann has come to adopt a firm “no regrets” policy, one that encourages her to see the positive in every situation and to deliver even difficult news to others with a positive outlook. She aims to stay true to this policy every day, both at work and in her personal life.

When she’s not at The Forest, Lee Ann is spending time with her best friend and husband, Lee. In a quiet moment, you might catch Lee Ann singing one of her favorite songs — “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which she likes to sing for her mother, or “Soul of My Soul” for her son.

Forest team member since 1999