Meet Our Residents

A community is comprised of much more than mere buildings and manicured lawns. From diverse backgrounds and an assortment of life paths, our residents are the essence of Forest life and give us an ever enriched identity. We'd like you to meet a few by clicking on any of the icons below.

Barbara & Bill Anderson

Barbara & Bill

Resident since 2006

"The Forest at Duke community really becomes your family...there's just a very warm, concerned atmosphere."

Jean Anderson

Jean Anderson

Resident since 2004

"It's always fascinating to talk to people and find out what their lives have been like and what they've done before they came to The Forest."

Elodie Bentley

Elodie Bentley

Resident since 2010

"It makes me feel very comfortable to know that I'm in a place where I'll be taken care of - no matter what happens."

Al & Delaina Beuhler

Delaina & Al

Resident since 2005

"Just because you're retired doesn't mean you want to sit in a chair all day and do nothing. It's nice to have more than you can possibly do."

Lucy Grant

Lucy Grant

Future Resident

"It was always meant to be a community of learners and explorers and it has maintained that profile."

Tom & Margaret Keller

Margaret & Tom

Resident since 2008

"We can go away [...] and not have to worry about something happening [...] because somebody else worries about those things for us."

Lois Klauder

Lois Klauder

Resident since 2008

"This is a gift we can give to our children. They don't have to worry about us anymore [...] we're here.,we're happy, we're living a great life."

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