The Forest at Duke celebrates 25 years in Durham with a fresh look on retirement

Posted: 6/5/2017 | Back to News

The Forest at Duke, a vibrant continuing care retirement community in the heart of Durham, introduced a new corporate brand and logo today. The rebranding reflects a celebration of the past 25 years, as well as a vision to continue redefining retirement for the future, 25 years and beyond.

Since its opening in 1992, The Forest at Duke has been recognized as Durham's premier retirement community of choice. From an award-winning Health and Wellness center, to the addition of 15 new individual homes and a beautifully renovated 40,000 sq. ft Community Center, The Forest at Duke continues to build on the legacy of offering exceptional service and care.

The new Forest at Duke logo transitions from the traditional to the contemporary, with a timeless design that is both abstract and purposeful. A modern, clean font evokes a community that stands apart, and the fresh green color palette reflects a focus on a growing vibrant lifestyle.

Adding to the logo is a new tagline, "Keep Growing", by which The Forest at Duke is creating a new philosophy and microbrand. Rooted in the eight dimensions of wellness, the "Keep Growing" tagline is not just a statement; staff and residents are putting words to action and creating an initiative to encourage growth and development.

While the logo, tagline, and brand positioning have changed to better encompass what The Forest at Duke is today, the organization's values remain the same –to stand out as a purposeful, responsible community that offers a high quality of life, that pursues excellence in every day, respects and supports each person, and finds accountability and integrity in all that is done.

Supporting Quotes:

  • "The new logo and the tag line, "Keep Growing" represents respect for what we have been and brightly positions The Forest at Duke for the future with a dynamic visual and a succinct philosophy". – Anita Holt, CEO
  • "Our new tagline 'Keep Growing' will grow from a statement to a verb by our residents as they continue to live and build the lives they've chosen to pursue." – Sandy Mouras, Brand Champion
  • "As a designer, I am emphatic in my belief that great design should be timeless and memorable. My influences are some of the greatest graphic designers of the 20th century. Paul Rand, Saul Bass and Massimo Vignelli are just a few. They believed in boldness, simplicity and elegance. All of them have created logos that have existed for decades — think of IBM, AT&T, Westinghouse, American Airlines. All are iconic and are considered the benchmarks for great and lasting design.
  • It is against this backdrop that Engine designed The Forest at Duke logo. It is our hope that it will stand the test of time and still be relevant for years to come." – Domenick Rella

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