You May Want to Know...

What does it cost to move to The Forest?

Residents pay an Entry Fee and a Monthly Service Fee for the lifetime right to reside at The Forest.  Costs vary based on residence style selected, single or double occupancy, and refund plan selected. 

Three Entry Fee Refund plans are available - amortized over 50 months, 50% refundable and 90% refundable.  A Marketing Counselor is happy to give specific details and supply amortization information on all three plans.

Will I own my residence?

The Forest owns all the property on the campus and is responsible for maintenance and upkeep.  You can enjoy residency without the financial concerns of future repairs and property taxes.

What does the Monthly Service Fee include?

Much is included in the Monthly Service Fee - choice of meal plan, weekly housekeeping, garbage removal, water, electricity, gas, basic cable television, wireless internet service in all residences, internal and external maintenance, lawn and grounds care, on site programming, daily scheduled transportation to shopping and events, weekly medical transportation, use of onsite amenities, activities within the community, 24 hour emergency response and 24 hour security.

Residents do pay for personal telephone services.

Are any of my fees tax deductible?

A portion of both the Entry Fee and the Monthly Service Fee is considered by the IRS as an allowable pre-paid medical expense and, depending on your situation, may be tax deductible to you.  Charges in the Health and Wellness Center are allowable as medical expenses.

To help you be prepared for completing your tax returns, each January all residents receive notification of the previous year's specific tax allowable amounts.

Are pets allowed at The Forest?

We are an animal friendly community and consider our over 50 pets a welcomed addition to our campus, both in independent living and, as appropriate, in our Health Center.  Immunizations must be kept up to date and a responsible party must be designated in the event a pet needs a temporary or long term surrogate parent. 

Many Forest residents without pets enjoy being those surrogates and don't wait for a need to arise to enjoy long walks or have play days with a Forest pet.

How soon could I move to The Forest?

We maintain a Future Residency Priority list for all styles of our apartment and cottage homes and waiting time varies between these residences. We encourage those considering residency here to sign up early to insure a position on the list. Our priority deposit is fully refundable at any time.

Since our community is planned for independent and active living, you should consider Forest life while you can fully take advantage of all the benefits and amenities we offer. If you feel there is a 50% probability you would desire future residency within the next 3 to 5 years, we recommend applying for a priority number. 

Is long term care insurance required?

The Forest's Life Care Plan offers residents greatly reduced Health Center fees, much like long term care benefits. Though a number of Forest residents do have long term care insurance coverage, we do not require it.

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We offer a few of the more common questions we are asked about life at The Forest. There is much more to know!

As you consider your future plans, we welcome your questions and comments.  Please submit those to us on the Contact Us page or, feel free to call or email for more specific information.